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Speech that was delivered by Leonard Nyangoma leader of the party CNDD on the world day of May First 2019

Barundi, Barundikazi
Workers and you who are jobless
I greet you peace, dignity and prosperity!
Let us please remind ourselves of why there has been a world day that was dedicated to work and to workers on the reason why it has always been celebrated on the first of May.

1. This day is not a usual day, it is a day on which we remember, numerous workers who have lost their lives combatting against humiliation that was provoked by their employers be it private or public, The problem was mostly based on the too many hours that the workers were obliged to do every day. Mostly the workers were obliged to perform more than 16 hours a day. The workers were paid less than nothing with all that; women worked day and night and children were treated in the same way. This ill treatment of workers who were at the same time the population was not in Europe or America alone. It was also in the colonized countries.

2. Before colonization many Africans were made slaves, the colonizers taking them by force to cultivate for and to dig mines for them in America. Many of them, millions of millions died. It was this that made of the countries of Europe and North America rich, that means slavery and colonialism are the origin of the primitive accumulation of capital in West countries. But such inhuman works are still done in many countries, mostly in Africa, with the international companies called multinationals. You have probably heard of the treatments that are made to women or children in the works of digging mines mostly in our neighboring country of Congo. The too much money that is from those minerals is taken by those international companies, the rest goes in the pockets of a few persons the oligarchy. Denise Nkurunziza (Mrs. president Nkurunziza Peter) calls them the accumulators of wealth. They hide it in the foreign banks, while the rest is dug in their houses as you have heard it in Soudan where it was found in the house of the former president 130 million American dollars. The rest is transformed in those high standing villas or those high stories that you see all over the big cities. Or on high mountains while even the state is unable to build for itself! That is the way they exploit, suck the country and prevent every citizen lives happily. This parasitic oligarchy is like a tick that sucks the cow’s blood.

3. On the first day May 1886, the workers went in the streets and roads to demonstrate their discontent in Chicago in America. At that moment, the government gave orders to the police and hundreds of people were killed. This day is then a day on which in many countries, many people remember the victory they reached by making their work easier like for example to increase their salaries , being treated for free when sick, reduce the number of hours a day, to transport them when going to work, decrease the taxes for the small workers, to support small farmers, cultivators and pastors by decreasing prices of tools, giving them manure, to train them how to cultivate and elevate cows in the modern way, without forgetting to provide them with improved seeds, to spread electricity and clean water for the population ,to educate the children freely until they themselves say enough ,to fight against unemployment and so on. We also recall that majority of workers and those who were employed were the first in front of the population to fight for the independence of African countries.

4. That’s is what the workers are proud, the workers also want to warn the parasitic oligarchy that takes all the wealth of the world, the countries, while a multitude of population lives in a deadly misery like slaves. It is said in Kirundi that when you dance with your opponent, never be distracted. This day then is not a day when the workers dance for the employers and the leaders. It is a day to remind the leaders that all the misdeeds they are doing to the population will be paid. To remind that even in other countries, those who have oppressed the population have finished by being vanquished by that population itself as being solidary and it is said that on when the population is solidary and made one, their force is not afraid of tanks or militaries.

5. In our country in our past and mostly during the colonization the humiliation of the population by making them work for quite nothing as salary was usual. One kilogram of export products like coffee, cotton tea and other products were bought for nothing. During the kingdoms the population most of them small population were landless they were most of the time working for their bosses or their leaders. They were paid levels that were even unable to save a child from his hunger. The most astonishing is what we are witnessing we are supposed to be in democracy, which should be characterized by a correct share of the country’s wealth without any injustice. That’s the reason why this day which was dedicated to the work and the workers is a very important day. It is not thus a day of dancing for your leaders who have filled their bellies here in our country and even in other different countries. It is a date on which we remind the sufferings and the miseries that the workers have in Burundi, most of them being even unemployed with the aim of making them aware and of telling them to be warned that those who have their belles full, are the origin of all those problems that we face today.

6. Today, thus coincides with the fact that most of Burundians in general and mostly the workers without forgetting the unemployed, paysans who are squeezed by poverty without a name because of leaders who have made the country poor by plundering and isolating the country, no one country in the world can say that it is self-sufficient. Our ancients have said that >.

7. This day of the workers has happened also when there are almost five hundred thousand refugees spread all over the world and mostly in the region where Burundi is. These refugees were workers before leaving their homeland feeing the persecution of the regime ruling.

8. Moreover, this day has happened while the workers mostly those who work for the public services are paid quite nothing because of the inflation and even the yearly incentive called > has been stopped just by force. The prices of needed things like foods, medicines, shelter, transport that would make someone live and have good health, have increased more than twice. See how in one year the prices of beans, rice, cassava and others have increased in general, twice or more. But president Nkurunziza goes on boasting that tomorrow is better and that even when the world would not assist us, we are sufficiently able to live without them. But he does not even have pity to require a taxi-bike to pay a tax of 2000 ($ 0.6) a month and to buy a card of 8000 ($ 2.5) while this tax is not provided anywhere in the law. Taxes have become incredibly high. This has been worsened by the obligation for the population to pay the so-called contribution for the 2020 elections until this is asked to the young pupils! The meager salary of a civil servant or any other agent of the State does not allow him any more to pay the rent of his lodging, in our language we used to say that “no one knows what makes a lombric live”.

9. The injustice the workers live in in Burundi is worsened by the fact that jobs are given through friendship without exams in order for the jobs to be done by those who are friends to the authorities. The jobs should be done by those who are capable of them. The friendship that is made by the party on power and it becomes impossible to separate the party’s property from the public property. The party has become omnipresent and omniscient. Today, the situation has become worse by the fact of changing the capital from Bujumbura to Gitega in haste without any preparation, so many families are living separately. 3 Barundi, Barundikazi, workers as a whole.

10. Since Nkurunziza has owned all the power, no worker dares to have his voice heard because the unions that were worth that name have been destroyed and their leaders have been assassinated or have found refuge in other countries. They have been replaced by syndicates created by the regime without any voice where no one will have his voice heard unless he wants to be slaughtered. The thing we cannot say is to go in the street to demonstrate one’s anger. You have witnessed when many people went to the street to demonstrate in April 2015. How they have been treated like animals while they were trying to fight against the illegal third term of Nkurunziza which had no other objective except to oppress people a mandate of hiding the evil, theft and mass killing he acted. What the government of Nkurunziza is doing to the people mostly the workers and the unemployed will be remembered and paid by him.

11. This first of May 2019 then is a day of remembering the heroes mostly the youth and women who have died and who continue to die every day while they have no other fault but to fight for the better conditions of Burundians and their dignity. It is a day to make the leaders remember that the heroes have increased and that they will not stop fighting until the fascist government will have been neutralized.

12. Since the moment when Nkurunziza’s oligarchy has taken power, the pupils who are the future workers have suffered because of that regime hates educated people trained, preferring to keep the people in ignorance and obscurantism. Instead of the government to increase the scholarship for the university students, it has cut it. You know how how our country is in lack of educated and trained workers. In many countries like Cuba, pupils study freely from the beginning until they finish their university. Every respectful government places the human person at the center of its development; it invests primarily in the training and education of its people, especially young people. It is this that makes the democracy be strong and the sharing of the country’s wealth fair.

13. Let’s say it again and again that government has been incapable of protecting the workers who work for private companies while the last do not respect work law s. Many people have problems with their employers and they are unable to find where to complain.

14. The party CNDD is heartedly thinking of how the government continues increasing the prices day after day and the workers do not know how to care for their families. It is ridiculous to see that numbers show that in only one month the foods can increase to the point of 20%. To declare that today in Burundi there is peace and that it is easy to travel is like comparing Burundi with the cimetary where there is nothing that can disturb where everything is calm andpeaceful and that nothing is disturbing. The people have died while there is no one that can say anything! Workers and all the unemployed Barundi, Barundikazi,

15. Our party CNDD is worried about the way Nkurunziza’ s party behaves. They go on destroying workers unions while they are those who have helped them to voice their claims. This is one of the signs of dictatorship and those which still exist have no strength to voice the claims of the workers because their heads prefer to listen to the leading party instead of those who have delegated them.

16. The party CNDD disagrees with all the projects led by Nkurunziza government that makes the workers feel uneasy comprising the merchants who are workers who produce for the state much money. Many merchants since 2010 have fled the countries like Zambia, Mozambique, and south Africa. It has worsened when the central market was burnt down and even when there has been no inquiry made many people say >. Sooner or later, they will come to the light.

17. Those problems which comprise unemployment and poverty which has become unlevelled and that have been worsened by the privatizing public societies. You will have to know that those societies are yours. It is you who have given the capital to create them in the taxes that you pay the government. Those societies have been sold for very little after having plundered them sold after they have been finished like ONATEL (telecommunication), REGIDESO (water and electricity) and others which today are about to bankrupt those that they have already eaten are COTEBU (textile), ONAFA (medicines industry), OCIBU (coffees industries), many banks. According to what we hear, others 4 like SOSUMO (Sugar industry), ONATEL, OTB (tea industries) are on the way. REGIDESO as we have already saids in difficulties. You will have to look out that even the air you breathe will be sold. What is not said is that the mines have already been sold to the international societies. The cooperatives on which the population lived have become personal properties of some leaders in Cibitoke and in Muyinga, after expropriation of paysans' cooperatives.

What to do according to you?

Burundi is a tiny country but which is very wealthy. The first wealth is a hard-working. I think that in Africa Burundi people is among the first hard-working. Burundi has also a great natural wealth It has enough rain, clean water and fertile land, different kinds of mines and others. This wealth is plundered and the rest goes to the pockets of the oligarchy on power who have made the country their private propriety, those Denise Nkurunziza calls the accumulators and she stalks about what she witnesses and the persons she well knows! If they could bring back the money and the wealth, they have already plundered it is certain that most problems in the country would find solutions and the salaries would increase and the children would study free, they would have free health care. You have already heard that the husband of Denise, president Nkurunziza is the first accumulator and that he has hidden in Panama some 465 million of Euros. This is as much as what is known. What is not known is five times more than that

1°. It is then time if it is not being late that Burundians stand up as one and tell good bye to the dictator government as they did in 1993 and put a government that takes care of you workers a government that is not to destroy you and to steal you.

How is this to be done?

2°. Come together and support the party CNDD which has always supported the wellbeing of the workers The CNDD has owned the projects that are to redeem the country and which are the following:

To fight against and to win against the hunger, corruption, poverty, unemployment in order to make the country stand up well in five years and have a standing in the world by diminishing and even stopping some taxes which suck the population mostly the small ones,

To create and to increase industries that give work to the youth, to have politics of creating energy industries which will make the population have clean water and electricity at the level of 50%; Train all the population to be able to read and write and review the education in schools; To have policy of health that will enable the population to get to the doctors as good as possible, to ease the work for workers; To make the women have easier work in their daily works’; To have the politics of sheltering everyone so that every Burundians has a good shelter on low price ; ; To end corruption, impunity and rehabilitate justice; To restore freedom and dignity to political parties and civil society associations, mostly the syndicates of workers, agriculturists and the craftsmen and those which fight against corruption; to better and to find solutions to the problems of land and to ameliorate the villages project; To bring back and forever peace and security in all the corners of the country and to prohibit all the armed groups; To find final solution to the problem of refugees, internally displaced and those who have been stricken by catastrophes; To hunt and to bring back to the state’s granary all the wealth that has been stolen by the leaders; To give back the country a good image in the world; To rehabilitate the culture of Burundi and to make of it a well proven and accepted culture; To build a network of all African countries that want to create a United States of Africa respectful of the dignity of workers and labor . Those projects will not be implemented unless we have honest people on power without members of the oligarchy. This oligarchy is used to consuming what they did not produce and cumulate wealth for which it did sweat. Support then CNDD which has members and leaders who do not accept despise and injustice. We are looking forward to make agreements with parties and associations with whom we share a common vision whose major objective is to raise the level of development of our people, to regain peace, dignity and prosperity as it is in our greetings.

To end my speech, I would like to wish you again a nice feast day, a day that is very important to the workers. Let it be for them a good occasion to assess where your dignity arrives in order for us not to let the pace, we have made in democracy that we have fought for since long time which honors work and the workers. The one that can be shown is one who sees, and the one who can be told is the one who hears. Just take those souvenirs for the party that has taken power. You will find that everywhere, at the markets, at the hospitals and at all the crossings, those are the 5 signs that tell the truth that the leaders do not care about the interest of the population but that they want to lead us to dictatorship, the power of one party that we have combatted when many lost their lives. Thus, as the hero of democracy, his excellency Melchior Ndadaye said Even those who combat democracy need it. Those who are called DD seem to have been prisoners. Let them not finish their strength in it. All of us, let us stand up and fight for what we have fought for mostly since Ndadaye was assassinated! Peace, dignity and prosperity!

The president of the party CNDD,

Leonarudo NYANGOMA.

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